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Aurelius Bird relies on new technologies in advertising.
Our partner is one of the largest manufacturers of LED video walls in Germany.
We have direct access to hundreds of LED video walls and displays.


Pictures say more than words. We present your advertising message on high quality screens. As a picture or video. It rocks! Together with our partners, we have one of the largest display networks in Germany. As a start-up we are flexible and can reacty very quickly.

Our standard

The Aurelius Bird team specializes in digital marketing (DooH) of all kinds. Do you want to advertise at a fair price? Contact us, we will support you. Or maybe you have a interesting location and want to operate a LED system yourself. We are happy to help.


Our vision

Together with our partners, we are developing a portal solution to control all displays and video walls via internet. Even far-reaching campaigns can be rolled out or changed in seconds. The first component, our LEDvertise® Player is already finished and available to all customers.

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