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Which data format is required?

All common file types can be used as data formats. The commercials can be delivered in Microsoft Powerpoint 2013/2016 format or as JPEG, TIFF or MPEG, AVI files.

What resolution do I need?

In most cases, the video walls have a format of 16: 9, which corresponds to that of a screen or TV. But this depends on the location. Please make sure to find out about the relevant formats before creating the spot. The displays are usually controlled in Full HD format with 1920 x 1080pixels, even if the physical resolution is usually lower.

Can I play videos?

In general you can also use videos (MP4, AVI). However, for legal reasons, it is not possible to display complex animations or films at every location.

Can I have spots shown multiple times?

Yes, if you want to increase the repetition rate, you can book several spots. We then try to distribute these according to your wishes or hang them together.

How long can a spot be?

A spot consists of a sequence of approx. 10 seconds. However, you can book several sequences and use them together.

Is there sound being played?

No, for legal reasons we cannot play any sound.

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Who is doing the advertising?

The spots can be supplied by yourself or by any agency in the above formats. On request, we can also create this for you from around € 89 plus VAT per spot.

Do I get discounts?

Yes, if you book several spots, conclude contracts with longer terms or book your advertising on several walls. These discounts can also "add up".

Can I also conclude shorter contracts?

Our standard contracts have a minimum term of 6 months. Longer-running contracts are discounted. Shorter terms are not contractually regulated, but invoiced individually. The prices depend on the location and time of year.

How often does my spot appear?

Since an advertising block lasts a maximum of about 3 minutes, each commercial appears arithmetically at least 20 times per hour. In practice, however, the walls will rarely be fully booked, as we always need a reserve. In most cases, over 500 repetitions a day are realistic.

How often can I change the advertisement?

You can change the advertisement daily (every working day). However, the new spot must be available to us by 2 p.m. the day before it is first played. One update per month is free. For each additional fee we charge a small fee of € 25 plus VAT.

When do I pay for the advertising?

The contracts are always calculated by us at the beginning of the quarter for the next three months.

What is allowed?

Unfortunately, not everything that pleases is allowed, but what is legally permissible at the respective location. Please ask your contact person from sales.


What exactly is a spot?

The commercials are presented as a series of images, animations or short films (depending on the location).

Each spot is about 10 seconds long. You can book several sequences and thereby extend the running time as required, for example if you want to display a video.

The entire block with all the spots runs in an endless loop and, depending on the location, is usually repeated 24 hours a day.

Where is the location of the video walls?

We are planning 80 to 100 video walls in Germany by the end of 2020. The exact locations have not yet been finally determined. Please get in touch with us or take a look at the overview of locations on this website.

What if the spot, e.g. because of fog, cannot be seen?

We use special and extremely bright displays. These professional devices are specially designed for this kind of operation and are significantly more powerful (about 20 times as bright) as standard TV displays.

Nevertheless, this technology also has its limits. With heavy precipitation, fog or direct sunlight, the wall may be difficult to see at times. This is not a reason for complaints.

Who do I contact if I am interested?

Aurelius Bird is a new brand of BUSSE Computer NOVOTECH® in Meschede.
If you are interested in the concept, please contact:

Wildshausener Straße 77  |  59872 Meschede-Freienohl (Germany)
+49 (0) 2937 969 80 - 100  |  Aurelius.Bird@remove-this.novotech.de